Monday, January 31, 2011

BIGGEST LOSER "here we come!"

So i know i started my blog over a month ago and haven't written since, but mark and I are BORING! ............. :(
School started up the beginning of January, and mark and I are taking a statistics class together. It's actually a pretty fun class! This is the only class mark is taking, and he's working as much as he can. I'm taking two nursing classes along with the statistics class and i'm working full time as nurse, so we really don't have too much time for fun! BUT.................

The newest thing we have going is our Biggest loser competition on the Pendleton side! It starts tomorrow, and everyone is putting $50 on the line! That makes the final prize about $450!!!! Totally worth the money....and to look great! We're judging by the pounds lost and on a point system, so it should get interesting! We are doing this competition clear up until memorial day weekend, and Mark and I are going back east to Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina in April which means i'm going to have to resist all of the FRIED FOODS :( so sad!

Anyway.....Sorry Mark and I are so boring at the moment, hopefully our lives will get a little bit more interesting soon :)