Thursday, July 18, 2013

Bike race/18 months!

I bought a new road bike! Yay!!!!! I didn't think I would be so excited, but I finished my first bike ride in Boise last weekend, and made it 64 miles! My rear and neck are sore, but my legs feel great! 🚲

Paxton also thinks that he should be riding mom's bike! He runs around with my helmet on all of the time ha ha!
We had a great 4th of July! Paxton was so NOT scared of the fireworks! He would point at them and get so excited! It's so fun to experience new things with keeps me entertained 24/7!
Paxton turned 18 months on the 5th of JULY!!! I can't believe it! He goes to nursery now! He is getting so big and is learning so much so fast! We have to be careful what we say around him, because he is starting the mimiking phase! He copies everything! Mark and I can't imagine our life without this crazy little boy and we love him more than we ever thought possible!

~ 10th percentile for height (he's a midget) ha ha.....the dr. says he should be having a growth spurt any day!
~50th percentile for weight....still pretty little, but eats us out of house and home!
~75th percentile for his head!!!!! Thata boy! He's nothin but brains!

He is getting very independent, loves to be outside, says momma all of the time, and loves to see his grandparents and aunts and uncles! We love you Pac Man!

Monday, July 1, 2013

*New Callings-Twin-Camping*

Well....Mark and I have been teaching the 4 year olds in Primary for the last few months (which we really enjoy), last week we got invited to the bishop's office and it turns out we are going to be receiving some new callings! Mark is the new ward mission leader which i am so excited about! We love missionary work, and Mark is great with the missionaries! And I got asked to be the 1st counselor in primary! I'm pretty excited because i thought they were going to release me from primary! There is nothing better than working with the little kiddo's and watching their sweet testimonies grow! Our lives will be a bit more busy, but it is good!!!

I have not been keeping up on the blog very good lately, so there are going to be some random things on this post :) First of all....we went camping about a month ago, and it was so much fun!!! Pax didn't want to sleep all that great, but it was totally worth missing a few hours of sleep ha ha! Here are the details of Paxton's first "real" camping trip!

1-My brother took him for a ride on the little 50 motorbike and paxton was trying to move my brother's hand so that he could grab the handlebars and he fell forward and broke off half of his front tooth that JUST GREW IN!!! ahhhhh! At least its a baby tooth right! :) Here is a pic!
All you can see is his one jack-o-lantern tooth when he's laughing ha ha! Here are a few more pics of our great trip!

 Pax loved carrying the sticks around and hitting everything in sight! He also stepped right in the middle of a fire pit that didn't look hot, but oh my.....someone must have just had a fire, because it burned pax's foot pretty good!

Can't wait for our next camping adventure! We have also been having some fun here in Twin, between Mark working and me working, we have managed to go swimming a few times, go golfing, and hang out with some great friends!

  Swimming at our pool here at the apartment! It's so convenient to have a pool when it is 100-102 degrees everyday here! ha ha
 My friend Sage is always willing to watch Pax, and he even fell asleep cuddling with her, which he NEVER does for me :)
Daddy's little side kick on the golf course! Pax knows exactly how to play the game...he picks up dad's ball and walks over and drops it in the hole ha ha ha.....Pax makes it look so much easier than daddy :) Sorry about the pic overload, but i had to get caught up! Hope you all have a great 4th of July!!!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day

I have the most incredible men in my life.....they go by all different titles, but the one we celebrate today is Father! I have always been a little bit of a daddy's girl, we have the best relationship and I would be lost in life without him! My father-in-law is so great! He raised an amazing son, and is a great grandpa to Paxton! My husband! I could not ask for a better daddy for pax! He has done more than I could ever imagine! Paxton wants to grow up and be just like him! My favorite is when Paxton starts screaming because he's so excited when mark gets home from work!! Happy Fathers Day to all of you! 

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Busy busy busy

The last month has been a crazy one! I went home for Mother's Day to surprise my mom....she cried of course when pax and I walked through the door! She was very excited! Then for Memorial Day we went to star valley Wyoming for the annual "Pendleton family golf tournament"! It would have been more fun, except pax and mark were sick all weekend throwing up :( bummer! Paxton also had a bad pass-out episode and went into a seizure.....he didn't breath for almost a full minute and then slept for 4 hours afterward! It was really really scary! But he is doing great now! We are leaving to go camping today with my family for the whole weekend, so I will post again soon! Here are some pics of the last few weekends and trips! 

Wednesday, April 24, 2013


This last weekend we got to go visit marks sister, her husband, and their triplet girls! They just built a new house that is beautiful! They were awesome company and we had a blast! We went shopping and just kind of had a relaxing weekend at their home! Thanks Kyle and sunny for the great weekend!!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Walk through life....

Who would have thought that a 15 month old with a face like this........

....could learn to throw temper tantrums and get whatever he wants. Its interesting and exciting to watch the way that Paxton learns. He is entering a stage where he runs around and wants things, but he doesn't know how to communicate with mom to tell her his needs/wants. The way he gets my attention is by pointing and saying "uh uh" or screaming :) I've been trying to teach him how to say certain things, and it seems like kids at this age are little sponges. They pick up on things so quickly and copy cat things that they see mommy or daddy do. As i try to teach Paxton and make every day decisions on the best way to teach him and not get mad, it makes me think about how important every little decision we make in our life is. How different would my life be if I hadn't made the friends that i did in high school?  If i wouldn't have hung out with Jake Anderson, I would have never met my husband Mark (Jake's missionary companion)......If I wouldn't have ever met Mark, I wouldn't be able to experience tender moments like this.....
If I wouldn't have been raised in the gospel and stuck to my little mustard seed size of faith that i had growing up (Elder Jeffrey R. Holland's talk Sunday afternoon session of General Conference), I wouldn't have the knowledge and comfort of knowing that I get to be with the most important people in my life for ETERNITY! I don't know about you, but life isn't long enough for me! I can't imagine life or eternity without these people! Mark applied to the Nursing program at BYU-Idaho 2 or 3 times and didn't get accepted, but he applied to CSI (here in Twin Falls) and got accepted much sooner than he thought. Is it a coincidence that Mark and I moved to Twin? I don't think so.....I'm not exactly sure what our purpose is here, If it was for us to grow and learn to depend on one another, or if it was for us to help others learn and grow. All I know is that we have met great people here in Twin Falls and they have all been great examples to us. The little day to day decisions....and even the big decisions like moving to Twin Falls help shape us into the people that we will be throughout the rest of our life. I hope and pray that I can continue to make the decisions that really count, and that will make me a better person. Here are a few pics of our conference weekend!
 Mommy and Pax watching conference
 Grandpa and Paxton doing yard work between sessions on saturday
 Ryan and Caroline playing with Pax
Paxton loving his chicken nuggets!....He insisted on eating them with a spoon :) 

It was so good to spend time with family over conference! I got to see my parents, my sister Amy and her family, she just had her 4th baby Wyatt who is adorable! I got to see my Sister Katie who is such a sweetie pie and great aunt to Paxton, and my brother ryan and his girlfriend caroline. (Wish Aaron and Katie were around so that we could see them too!) Anyway we had a great weekend, and I hope that i will be able to teach Paxton to fertilize his little mustard seed size of faith, so that his walk of life will take him somewhere extraordinary!!!!!! (High school, mission, marry in the temple, college degree) This momma has high hopes and aspirations for her little 15 month old! :) Love you Pax!
 Walk through life!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Easter Week!

Easter wasn't a one day Holiday at our house, we celebrated for a week and a half :) We feel so blessed to have most of our family (Mark's & Mine) within driving distance. Paxton loves to go visit the grandparents on both sides, and all of his little cousins. The week before Easter was Mark's spring break, he had a WHOLE week off of nursing school (so....nice), so we decided to go to Star Valley and visit his side of the family. All of his brothers and their families got to come, the only ones that were missing were Kyle and Sunny and the triplets. Hopefully they can come next time! Here are a few of the activities we did over the break!
 We left late friday night after i got off of work, so Paxton was a little overstimulated in these pictures if you can't tell :) He was eating chicken nuggets and loving life at 10pm!
 We went to see the Elk in Alpine
 Daddy showing Paxton the Mountain Goats on the mountain headed to Jackson
 Mommy and Pax 
 Paxton and his only other boy cousin on the Pendleton side Jackson! They are good buddies!
 Mark's brother Justin turned 30. His creative wife made him a "hole in one" birthday cake.
 Grandpa ticking Paxton
 Mark's HAIRCUT! There will be a post on this later :) He was sad ha ha!
 Grandpa and Pax playing cars
 Daddy and Pax playing peek-a-boo with mom

 Our way back from Wyoming......He was tuckered out as you can see! We also had an Easter egg hunt for the little ones, but i can't seem to find my pics! Will post later! 

 The Easter Bunny made it to our the middle of the night :)
 Ok, Jake and Chelsi....some of our very best friends sent this adorable card with a dollar bill in it for Paxton for Easter! It was so cute and thoughtful of them! We sure are lucky to have such wonderful friends and second parents to Pax :) We love you guys! 
 You can see he loved it! 
 He's been on a sugar high ever since :)

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter as well! .... I hope it was spent with family and pondering on Christ and the wonderful gift he gave us, eternal life with Heavenly Father and our families! 
How lucky are we.......