Sunday, March 27, 2011

March Madness!!!

This week has had some ups and downs......Yes BYU lost to Florida, but since that depressing night I got offered a full time RN position at EIRMC on the surgical floor that i'm really excited about, and then today I got called to be in the Young Women's Presidency in our ward! I loved young womens growing up, and i'm really excited to be with the girls and go to girls camp and do it all over again :)

Okay, so i have always been a basketball fan...and even more so a BYU fan, but I've never been so into March Madness as Mark and I have been this year! It's been fun to throw parties on game nights :)

Right after our Party! We love hanging out with McKay and Carlee!

Ha ha nothing like showing up to a party wearing the same shirt! I thought it was cute :)

Mark and Scott......enough said!

McKay getting a little flustered that BYU is losing...

Carlee eating chips and salsa ha ha

Pat & Ashley at our little March madness party!

Pictures of Aaron and Katie's trip to Idaho

Koby is sad because mom said no more brownies! ha ha

My Brother Ryan holding baby Anabelle :) She's so chubby and cute!

Mark and I hanging out on the couch...

My Brother-in-law Casey & My sister Amy at Aaron and Kash's Birthday party.

Playing Catch Up

Okay guys! I know this is horrible, but i'm going to catch up for the last couple of months! We have had a great end of 2010 and beginning of 2011. We are going through a few changes right now and we are EXCITED!!! :)

To Start.......Our 1 year anniversary was back on December 18th, 2010. Mark took me down to Salt Lake and we stayed at the down town Marriott for the weekend. It was a blast! He took me out to Olive Garden Friday night, and then we went to temple square to see the Christmas lights. It was beautiful like always. The next day we got up and went through a session at the Salt Lake City Temple for the first time. It was amazing! Here are some pics.....

Okay...2nd.....our Christmas was wonderful. We went to Mark's parents house with his whole family and celebrated in the FREEZING cold weather ;) The girls did crafts and the boys had pool tournaments. I can't find my pictures of Christmas, but is was a very fun holiday!

3rd....In February my brother and his family came to visit from Tennessee!!! It was so much fun! My brother got a job in the ICU so he and his family moved back in October, and it was so good to see them! Right after they moved they had a sweet little girl named Anabelle! Now there family consists of Aaron, Katie, Kash, Koby, and Anabelle.....Aaron and Kash celebrated their birthdays while they were here visiting...(Pictures will be on next post)...