Thursday, April 4, 2013

Easter Week!

Easter wasn't a one day Holiday at our house, we celebrated for a week and a half :) We feel so blessed to have most of our family (Mark's & Mine) within driving distance. Paxton loves to go visit the grandparents on both sides, and all of his little cousins. The week before Easter was Mark's spring break, he had a WHOLE week off of nursing school (so....nice), so we decided to go to Star Valley and visit his side of the family. All of his brothers and their families got to come, the only ones that were missing were Kyle and Sunny and the triplets. Hopefully they can come next time! Here are a few of the activities we did over the break!
 We left late friday night after i got off of work, so Paxton was a little overstimulated in these pictures if you can't tell :) He was eating chicken nuggets and loving life at 10pm!
 We went to see the Elk in Alpine
 Daddy showing Paxton the Mountain Goats on the mountain headed to Jackson
 Mommy and Pax 
 Paxton and his only other boy cousin on the Pendleton side Jackson! They are good buddies!
 Mark's brother Justin turned 30. His creative wife made him a "hole in one" birthday cake.
 Grandpa ticking Paxton
 Mark's HAIRCUT! There will be a post on this later :) He was sad ha ha!
 Grandpa and Pax playing cars
 Daddy and Pax playing peek-a-boo with mom

 Our way back from Wyoming......He was tuckered out as you can see! We also had an Easter egg hunt for the little ones, but i can't seem to find my pics! Will post later! 

 The Easter Bunny made it to our the middle of the night :)
 Ok, Jake and Chelsi....some of our very best friends sent this adorable card with a dollar bill in it for Paxton for Easter! It was so cute and thoughtful of them! We sure are lucky to have such wonderful friends and second parents to Pax :) We love you guys! 
 You can see he loved it! 
 He's been on a sugar high ever since :)

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter as well! .... I hope it was spent with family and pondering on Christ and the wonderful gift he gave us, eternal life with Heavenly Father and our families! 
How lucky are we.......


  1. We love you guys!! Looks like Pax got spoiled by the Easter Bunny:) Miss you three!!

  2. ASH! He has grown up so much! And you are such a sweet mom! You make me excited for our little one to come! I hope I can be a mom like you! ;) haha... you know what I have craved more than anything being pregnant? YOUR MOM'S SALT AND VINEGAR CHICKEN AND SALSA! haha...... I miss you. So glad you're doing well! It's so fun catching up and seeing how you're doing!!!