Monday, July 1, 2013

*New Callings-Twin-Camping*

Well....Mark and I have been teaching the 4 year olds in Primary for the last few months (which we really enjoy), last week we got invited to the bishop's office and it turns out we are going to be receiving some new callings! Mark is the new ward mission leader which i am so excited about! We love missionary work, and Mark is great with the missionaries! And I got asked to be the 1st counselor in primary! I'm pretty excited because i thought they were going to release me from primary! There is nothing better than working with the little kiddo's and watching their sweet testimonies grow! Our lives will be a bit more busy, but it is good!!!

I have not been keeping up on the blog very good lately, so there are going to be some random things on this post :) First of all....we went camping about a month ago, and it was so much fun!!! Pax didn't want to sleep all that great, but it was totally worth missing a few hours of sleep ha ha! Here are the details of Paxton's first "real" camping trip!

1-My brother took him for a ride on the little 50 motorbike and paxton was trying to move my brother's hand so that he could grab the handlebars and he fell forward and broke off half of his front tooth that JUST GREW IN!!! ahhhhh! At least its a baby tooth right! :) Here is a pic!
All you can see is his one jack-o-lantern tooth when he's laughing ha ha! Here are a few more pics of our great trip!

 Pax loved carrying the sticks around and hitting everything in sight! He also stepped right in the middle of a fire pit that didn't look hot, but oh my.....someone must have just had a fire, because it burned pax's foot pretty good!

Can't wait for our next camping adventure! We have also been having some fun here in Twin, between Mark working and me working, we have managed to go swimming a few times, go golfing, and hang out with some great friends!

  Swimming at our pool here at the apartment! It's so convenient to have a pool when it is 100-102 degrees everyday here! ha ha
 My friend Sage is always willing to watch Pax, and he even fell asleep cuddling with her, which he NEVER does for me :)
Daddy's little side kick on the golf course! Pax knows exactly how to play the game...he picks up dad's ball and walks over and drops it in the hole ha ha ha.....Pax makes it look so much easier than daddy :) Sorry about the pic overload, but i had to get caught up! Hope you all have a great 4th of July!!!

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  1. Looks like fun! And Mark is ward mission leader? Again?!! Guess he didn't do a good enough job last time...ha ha! Totally kidding! I'm sure he will be great! And fun for you! But yes, definitely more work! You'll be great.

    Glad the camping was fun! I would be worried about my kids sleeping too! Good thing we don't camp ;) lol!